New Child

Complete in 31 days
Things to Consider
  • Log in to your Empower Retirement account or call (888) 401-5932 (401K‑WDC) to have a representative assist you with your beneficiary changes.
  • Change your tax withholdings. If you don’t have access while on leave, contact AskHR at (408) 717-8398.
  • Update your will. Get assistance from MetLife if you are enrolled in the legal plan.
  • If you have questions on your medical coverage or issues with your medical bills, contact one of our concierges.
  • Keep in contact with your MetLife Case Manager on your leave status.
  • A new child in the family can be an incredible experience. Access free, confidential counseling through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Get a Social Security number for your new child, if an application has not yet been submitted.
  • Consider purchasing Child Life Insurance.
  • Consider updating your life insurance beneficiary information.