Caregiving Benefit for All Life Stages

Bright Horizons provides a range of family support services to help you navigate the various challenges you may face throughout different stages of life.

These services include: 

My Bright Horizons

A single point of access for all Bright Horizons services, providing easy access to the most relevant programs. 

Western Digital Funded Care

Flexible Back-Up Care

Flexible Back-Up Care A high-touch/high-tech care benefit available 24/7/365, offering center-based and in-home care options for children or elders, school-age supports such as virtual tutoring and camps, and all supported by the largest care network available. 

Reimbursable Care

Allows you to use your personal caregiving network for a set reimbursement rate.

Employee Funded Curated Marketplace

Online Caregiver Platform

Membership to a free online platform that connects you with babysitters, nannies, caregivers with special needs experience, elder care companions, housekeepers, organizers, errand runners, pet caregivers, and academic and extra-curricular supports. You also receive unlimited, free basic background checks and discounts on enhanced background checks. 

Nanny Placement Discounts

Discounts on white-glove nanny placements with College Nannies & Sitters. Bright Horizons’ nanny placement experts will vet and search for a nanny that meets your situation with unmatched availability to fit your family's schedule.

Full-time Center-Based Child Care

Preferred enrollment and registration fee credit into Bright Horizons centers.   Tuition discounts into participation partner centers Visit  and click "Find a Center”

Tutoring and Enrichment Program Discounts

Get exclusive discounts on tutoring and test prep from top partners. Save on educational activities for your child and tools for your growing family — all from top partners.