Delta Care USA DMO Plan

At Western Digital, we understand the significance of healthy teeth and gums in your overall wellness. That's why we cover the cost of the Delta Care USA DMO plan for you and eligible dependents to maintain your dental health and address any dental issues. With the DMO plan, you only have to pay procedure-based copays, and the coverage is limited to in-network dentists.

Delta PPO Low and High Plans

The Dental PPO plans require you to pay a coinsurance amount after you have met your deductible, however, you have the freedom to choose any provider for your dental services.  Keep in mind though, that your benefits will be greater by opting for an in-network provider.

Find a Network Dentist

You'll generally pay less out-of-pocket when you use an in-network dentist. Visit Delta Dental for more information.

Key Plan Features

  • Affordable coverage that helps you manage and estimate the cost of dental treatment. See the Cost Estimator flyer.
  • Wide network of providers that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money.
  • Teledentistry - ToothPic provides virtual dental assessments from a Delta dentist. Delta also offers virtual visits .
  • Discounts on dental hygiene products with BrushSmart.

PLAN COMPARISON (Select Plans Below to Compare)

Plans are effective from July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024. The plan comparison pulls from system which reflects July 1, 2023 up to January 1, 2025.

Plan Name Carrier Name Effective Dates Select plan to compare
Delta Dental DHMO Delta Dental Insurance Company Jul-01-2023 to Jan-01-2025
Delta Dental High Delta Dental Insurance Company Jul-01-2023 to Jan-01-2025
Delta Dental Low Delta Dental Insurance Company Jul-01-2023 to Jan-01-2025