For your convenience, Western Digital offers many on-site services. Please refer to Connect to view the on-site services available to you.

All locations have access to:

Anthem and Kaiser Permanente Concierges

With the hectic environment we live in, we often find ourselves juggling and multi-tasking everyday duties. Our concierge program can provide assistance with a variety of topics:

  • Pharmacy Prior Authorization questions and information on setting up mail order service
  • Searching for In-network medical providers and scheduling physician appointments
  • Explaining your EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Disputes over provider billing errors and questions

Visit Connect for Anthem Concierge and Kaiser Concierge schedules and contact information.

Great Oaks, Irvine and Milpitas employees also have access to:

DRIVE Wellness Centers

Access wellness services when you need it. See Wellness for more details.