This is your annual opportunity to review your benefit options and choose the best coverage to meet your, and your eligible dependents', unique needs.

Anthem PPO Medical Plan Option

We’re pleased to announce we have added a new PPO medical plan option through Anthem for 2022/2023! See the details.


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Changes take effect on July 1, 2022.


View a summary of the key highlights of our benefits program for 2022/2023.


Review eligibility details for you and your dependents.

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These tools and resources will help you make informed decisions about your benefits.

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Benefit Options

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Western Digital is committed to providing programs that meet the needs of all our employees. Our benefits are designed to give you options that fit your unique lifestyle.

Benefit Highlights
Anthem PPO Medical Plan (Group# C17950) The Anthem PPO plan is designed to meet the needs of our employees looking for a lower deductible option and more predictability in expenses. This new plan, offered as an additional option to the other Western Digital medical plans, offers a lower deductible, but it does not include a Health Savings Account. However, you may enroll in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which allows you to contribute before-tax paycheck deductions to pay for eligible health care expenses tax-free.

See your 2022/2023 Western Digital Medical Plans Comparison Chart for details of the benefits under all of the medical plan options, including the new Anthem PPO Medical Plan. View your 2022/2023 Cost of Coverage.
Bright Horizons Caregiving Benefit for All Life Stages  (Early Access - June 2022) Bright Horizons provides critical family support services to address challenges throughout all life stages. Tools and resources include:

  • Flexible and subsidized back-up care available 24/7/365.
  • Access to a marketplace to source ongoing care needs.
  • Family concierge available via phone, chat, text. and email.
  • Priority access to fill-time center-based childcare.
Brightline – Virtual Behavioral Health Support (for our Anthem-enrolled employees) Feeling like your child is stressed, depressed, anxious, or having to navigate tough transitions? Interested in more resources or skills to build as a parent or caregiver? Brightline provides confidential video visits with licensed clinicians, coaching programs to help tackle everyday challenges, and on-the-go access to content, resources, and chat with a coach.

Effective July 1, 2022, if you are enrolled in an Anthem medical plan, you now have access to virtual behavioral health care for children and families with Brightline. Access information coming soon, with services accessible effective July 1st.
Virtual Telemedicine Options (for our Anthem-enrolled employees) Anthem’s Virtual Primary Care (VPC) program offers those enrolled in an Anthem medical plan the option to schedule a virtual primary care appointment (routine care, wellness check-ins and prescription refills) or chat with a doctor 24/7 for urgent care support.

Anthem’s VPC program allows you to find complete care support, on your time. Access this program by downloading the Anthem Sydney mobile app. Set up your account right away and it will be ready to use when you need it.
MetLife Supplemental Life Insurance Special — for 1x Base Salary Buy-Up (without medical questions asked) Need additional life insurance? Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to enroll without proof of insurability. During Open Enrollment only, you can increase your supplemental life insurance by 1x your annual base salary, no questions asked. You may also enroll your spouse by providing medical information in a short, six-question form. If you wait and enroll after Open Enrollment, you will likely need to provide evidence of insurability (i.e. medical questionnaire, physical exam and blood work).
Vision Plan Enhancement for Your Dependents Beginning July 1, 2022, your eligible dependents through the age of 26 can now receive new eyeglass frames every 12 months.

Important Reminders:


Who Can Enroll in Western Digital Benefits?

All active regular full-time or part-time employees who are scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week are eligible to participate in Western Digital’s benefits program. You may also cover your eligible dependents under Western Digital’s medical, prescription, dental, vision, and life benefits. Appropriate documentation must be provided as a part of our Dependent Verification process.

Eligible dependents are:

  • Spouse (except in the case of divorce, legal separation, or annulment)
  • Children under age 26 (your natural children, adopted children, stepchildren, and foster children)
  • Children over age 26 who are unable to care for themselves due to mental or physical disability incurred prior to age 26 and who are mainly dependent on you, that have been deemed disabled by your physician and medical carrier.
  • Registered same or opposite gender domestic partner and his/her eligible dependent children under age 26 (eligible for medical, dental, vision coverage only).*

Interns are eligible to enroll in the Anthem HSA II medical plan, employee-only coverage. No other dependents can be added.

*State registration, where available, will be required


How to Enroll

After reviewing your benefit options, make your enrollment selections via Workday:

    Website: Workday
    Password: Your Global Computer Password

If you are a Direct Labor Employee, you can enroll from home by visiting

Remember, you cannot change your benefit elections unless you experience a qualifying life event, such as a birth, adoption, marriage, or divorce; you must request this change through Workday within 31 days of the qualifying life event.

Need help enrolling? Follow the step-by-step Workday Open Enrollment Guide

If you have questions, please contact AskHR at 408-717-8398 (offsite) or 228398 (quick dial).


Decision Support

Choosing the benefit plans that are right for you and your family can feel overwhelming. That is why we have gathered a number of resources to help you understand your options available and select the ones that provide the right level of coverage for you and your family.

Your Enrollment Checklist

Use this checklist to make the most of your benefits enrollment opportunity:

    Learn about your benefit options, paying special attention to the new programs being offered next year.
    Think about your coverage needs, including how much health care you anticipate needing and whether your current life insurance provides enough protection.
    Enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if needed.
    Complete your benefits enrollment in Workday.
TIP: Think About the Whole Cost

When choosing a medical plan, it’s important to think about the whole cost of coverage — the amount you’ll spend out of your paycheck, as well as out of your pocket (copays, deductibles, and coinsurance).

For a deeper dive, check out this HSA Plan vs. PPO Plan Comparison.


Benefit Options

You have the opportunity to enroll in the following benefits for 2022/2023. Select the plan you are interested in from each list in the sections below.

View your 2022/2023 Cost of Coverage.


Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits