Medical: Aetna Ex-Pat Medical Plan

Direct dial and collect from outside U.S.
Group ID: 887402

Medical: Anthem

Group ID: C17950

Medical: Anthem Concierge - Northern CA- Kerri Pierce

Medical: Anthem Concierge - Northern CA- Igbe Omadachi

Medical: Anthem Concierge - Southern CA & Outside of California - Vanessa Lapiad

Business Travel Accident (BTA): Chubb

Group ID: 11BCPS000219

Medical: Kaiser (CA only)

Northern CA: 604337
Southern CA: 231897

Medical: Kaiser On Call


Medical: Kaiser Telemedicine

Anaheim/Orange County/Irvine:

(888) 988-2800


Baldwin Park:

(800) 780-1277


San Jose:

(866) 454-8855



(866) 454-8855



Voluntary Disability Insurance (VDI): MetLife